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The Very Basics of Christianity...
......... are a statement of facts.
The fact that God exists.
How can we know this?
From the fact that the human race exists.
Fact is that human beings have no power in themselves to ‘create' things.
Oh yes, we can create things from things, like paintings and sculptures.
But we are not able to create things from ‘nothing'.
This is something that only The Creator can do.
A person who has a higher ability than man.
A higher power some try to call it.
Fact is, that higher power is GOD.
Therefore the Bible tells us that:
By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. (Hebrews 11:2).

So from the facts that human beings exist and that there is a visible world of which it is impossible to exist on its own, we KNOW that there is a God. For our visible world and everything in it has a beginning and an ending.
Therefore we know that ‘things' have begun at one time.
Created by a higher power Who has no beginning and ending.
A power from a dimension that goes beyond our understanding, which is time limited and earthbound.
Only the ‘unseen' inner man, which is our spirit, is able to comprehend the things of ‘the unseen', and therefore it is called: Faith.
‘Faith' therefore is not a misty form of doubtful believes, but a certainty and an awareness of facts of another state of being or dimension.
In this realm The Creator lives.
The One Who calls Himself: The Alfa and Omega --- The Beginning and The End.
That is to say, for us He is Alfa and Omega. For Himself He is: I - AM.
Which means: no beginning, no ending, always being. I - AM.

 Therefore the existence of man and the seen world, are proof of the reality of an unseen existence of beings and things.
The highest power in the spirit dimension is not ‘something', for human beings are not created by a ‘thing' or a lucky combination of nature, nor from the visible nor from the invisible dimension, but man is created by the highest Person in this invisible dimension.

And this Person we call God, the Creator, the Father of all Creation, of all things and beings in heaven and on earth.
Because this is a fact, the definition of ‘faith' therefore is not something uncertain from mans mind, but an assurance in the spirit of man.
The only way man will not have this assurance in his spirit is when man ‘refuses' to acknowledge the fact that there is an unseen dimension, with a highest power, called God.

And this is where the necessity of repentance comes in, that man needs to lay aside his rebellious attitude against the truth of the unseen dimension and to acknowledge his lower state of being and acknowledge that God the Creator is the highest power in heaven and on earth.